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Fiberglass Molded Grating

Molded Grating is made from polyester resin and continuous fiberglass roving, heat cured in a mold, in a hand-crafted layer-by-layer operation to produce the desired thickness and panel size. Grating produced using this technique have 30-35% (total weight) glass fiber reinforcement. The one-piece interwoven mesh construction of the molded grating produces a product with optimal corrosion resistance and bi-directional strength. Since the grating is “cast” in one piece, there is no mechanical joint between bearing bars, unlike pultruded grating where the glued joints can give way in heavy continuous traffic or after prologged service. The high percentage of resin (65%) in molded grating provides superior corrosion resistance and optimal impact resistance. Molded fiberglass gratings with a square mesh pattern offer increased load capacity and panel utilization due to its bi-directional nature.

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