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Discover Diverse Applications From construction to the creative industry, we provide composites to meet various needs. Explore a wide world of applications and discover how Resin Indonesia can enhance the performance and aesthetics of your projects.

FRP in Chemical Plants

FRP products are commonly used in Chemical Plants as it has the chemical-resistant properties. We have received request for FRP Grating (for walkways) until FRP Handrail (for stair) in chemical area.

Construction Engineering

In far more developed countries, FRP Profiles has been used for railroad until tunnel. The strength, lightweight properties and various properties has made FRP the right choice for Construction Engineering. We are now keep competing in order to achieve the development of Construction Engineering in Indonesia.

Food and Beverage Plants

Food and Beverage Plants are the industries that is prone to the corrosion problem. Fiberglass are made from glass-fiber, has no ability to corrode at all. This is why our FRP Products has been getting more attention on this industries, one installation of FRP Products last longer with no corrosion at all.

Electronic Industries

Contemporary society uses all manner of electronic devices built in automated or semi-automated factories operated by the industry. This is where the key of global tech- and we are involved in it. We supplied various FRP Products (mainly for the machine and for the safety room) as our FRP Products last longer.

FRP in Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical Engineering relate with the downstream sector where corrosion, fire and chemical become its biggest enemies. Fortunately, FRP Products available with anti-corrosion and anti-chemical properties (also can have fire-retardant with custom design). Our company has been involved for providing FRP Tank Filter and FRP Pipe for even planes and pipes.

Other Markets

As we are chasing our dream-to help the smart engineering in Indonesia,- we also accept any kind of construction needs. Be it a FRP Sheet for building home, or FRP Grating over Dock, we are always passionate to help. Contact us for concerning your requirements.

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